New Faculty 2021

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Aimee Hilado

Assistant Professor
Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

Aimee Hilado’s research centers on the impact of immigration trauma, early childhood/adult mental health, and culturally sensitive clinical practice for refugee and immigrant populations. She seeks to humanize the complexity of the refugee/immigrant experience and provide guidelines regarding the clinical application of evidence-based interventions with global populations through community-engaged research partnerships. The overarching goal of her work is to increase immigration trauma research, translate scientific rigor into real-world community mental health practice, and use research to influence immigration and health policy on local and national levels.

Her work has been published in Psychological Services, Journal of Early Childhood Research, and Early Childhood Research and Practice. She also contributed to chapters in Refugee Mental Health (American Psychological Association, 2021) and Migrant Workers: Social Identity, Occupational Challenges, and Health Practices (NOVA Science Publishers, 2016). Her most recent edited book is Models for Practice with Immigrants and Refugees: Collaboration, Cultural Awareness, and Integrative Theory (Sage Publications, 2017).

Hilado earned a dual master’s degree in social work and applied child development at Loyola University Chicago and Erikson Institute, and a PhD in social work with distinction at Loyola University Chicago. Previously, she was a fellow with Zero to Three, a national organization focused on translating the science of early development into helpful resources, practical tools, and responsive policies for parents, professionals, and policymakers.

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