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Anne Eakin Moss

Assistant Professor
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and the College

Anne Eakin Moss is a scholar of Russian culture from the era of the classic Russian novel through the 20th century, with interests in gender theory, revolutionary culture, and theories of spectatorship. Her first book, Only Among Women: Philosophies of Community in the Russian and Soviet Imagination, 1860–1940 (Northwestern University Press, 2020), examines the privileged place of women’s relations in Russian culture and thought over eight decades, and the ways in which this fraught conception of collectivity relates to European intellectual history.

Current projects include a book tentatively titled “The Special Effects of Soviet Wonder,” on the ways in which Soviet sound cinema in its formative decade sought to immerse viewers in a utopian world of Soviet wonder. Her research from this project has been published in numerous venues, including the journals Screen and Film History. She is also at work on a collaborative research project on revolutionary street art during the 1917 Russian and 1979 Iranian Revolutions, which won a 2019 Johns Hopkins Discovery Award.

She received an MA in Russian literature and a PhD in Slavic languages and literatures from Stanford University. Most recently, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Comparative Thought and Literature at Johns Hopkins University, where she was honored with the university’s Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award.

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