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Eman Abdelhadi

Assistant Professor
Department of Comparative Human Development and the College

Eman Abdelhadi is a mixed-methods scholar studying gender, migration, and religion, with a substantive interest in Muslim Americans. Her qualitative work examines the interplay between community and identity—how people’s identities are shaped and reshaped by their shifting social circles. Using semistructured life history interviews, her current book project traces second-generation immigrant Muslims’ relationships with Muslim communities across the life course, asking who stays in Muslim communities, who leaves, and why.

In her quantitative work, Abdelhadi uses survey data analysis to ascertain how religion intersects with both economic and cultural outcomes. Her research has been published in Social Forces, Socius, the British Journal of Sociology, and other social science publications.

Abdelhadi received her MA and PhD in sociology from New York University, where her thesis was awarded the university-wide Outstanding Dissertation Award. She received her BA in sociology with honors from the University of Michigan.

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