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John Proios

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy and the College

John Proios specializes in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. His research focuses on ancient Greek theorizing about fundamental reality, nature, and knowledge. He is interested in how ancient Greek philosophers (especially Plato) developed ideas about how the world really is, where the boundaries of nature lie, and how we humans can achieve knowledge, to guide their thinking in social, political, and moral domains, such as the role of nature in determining morality or the extent to which social reality is capable of being changed. His work also addresses contemporary issues in social philosophy as well as the philosophical traditions of social critique, such as feminist and Marxist theory, both on their own and as a resource for understanding ancient thought. Some of his research is concerned with education, such as the epistemic dimensions of social mobility.

His work has been published in Ancient Philosophy and the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, with additional articles in misReading Plato (Routledge, forthcoming) and Apeiron.

Proios received a BA in philosophy and classical studies from Swarthmore College, followed by an MA in philosophy from the University of Arizona and a PhD in philosophy from Cornell University.

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