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Sunyoung Park

Assistant Professor
Department of Geophysical Sciences and the College

Sunyoung Park is a geophysicist with a wide range of interests in seismology, including the earth’s internal structure, from the surface to the core; earthquake rupture processes; and seismic hazard assessment. Her work focuses on the development of new analytical and experimental approaches. She is utilizing 3-D printing for the first time to build physical models of the earth’s structure to perform seismic experiments that investigate wave propagation in complex media. Her recent work replicating earthquakes in a 3-D printed model of the Los Angeles Basin was featured at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Seismological Society of America. A laboratory dedicated to these experiments is currently being set up at the University of Chicago.

Her research has been published in Geophysical Research Letters, Seismological Research Letters, and Geophysical Journal International.

Park received BS and MS degrees in energy engineering and a BA in economics from Seoul National University in South Korea, and a PhD in earth and planetary sciences from Harvard University. Most recently, she held a Texaco Postdoctoral Fellowship in geological and planetary sciences at the California Institute of Technology.

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